Friday, 25 April 2008

Openbravo POS 2.10 update

The release of the new version of Openbravo POS becomes closer every day. Progress in the development is going well and we expect to release on time. The schedule for the version 2.10 of Openbravo POS is:
  • Code freeze: May 19th
  • Installer ready and beginning of Acceptance Testing: May 20th
  • Acceptance Testing complete and public availability: May 23th
There are many features already implemented and available in the subversion repository but also there are still a lot of work to do. You can follow the development in the trunk branch of the subversion repository for Openbravo POS and in the release status wiki document

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

New reports and charts model for Openbravo POS

To create new reports or to modify existing ones has been a painful task for Openbravo POS developers. Although the engine used is JasperReports and there are great tools to create new reports like iReport. To include a new report in Openbravo POS you needed to create a new java file to define the title, SQL sentence, parameters, and all the report parameters, to modify the menus, to compile the application and pray...

The next release of Openbravo POS, the version 2.10, includes a new model to develop reports and charts, and as a proof of concept all the reports bundled with Openbravo POS has been ported to the new model. With the new model you do not need neither to touch any single line of source code nor to compile the application. With this new model you will decrease the time and money you need to implement Openbravo POS and to adapt it to your business needs and legal requirements.

New reports and charts can be included just adding plain text files to the Openbravo POS folder /reports. A report consist in three files: The configuration file, the report file and the translations file. The configuration file is the most important one, there you define the title, the SQL sentence to get the report data, parameters, fields, what is the report file and what is the translations file. The report file is the JasperReports file and you can edit this file with iReport. And the translations file is used to define literals that need to be translated.

The bundled Openbravo POS reports are great to have a look if you want to include your own reports in the application, there you will find examples of all the possibilities to create new reports for Openbravo POS.