Monday, 19 May 2008

Openbravo POS 2.10 Acceptance Test

Following our plan to make frequent releases, Openbravo is going to launch Openbravo POS 2.10 in few days. In this release we put a lot of effort in creating new and exciting functionalities for users and developers, and in localization to help to adapt Openbravo POS to more countries and cultures. If you are interested in participating in this acceptance test, please notify us by sending an email to collaborate to openbravo dot com.

The goal of this acceptance test is:
  1. Test regression. We want to be sure that we did not break things that worked in older releases.
  2. The new functionalities included in this release are stable and complete. We want to focus on the new customer module, new reports engine, integration with Openbravo ERP, and the new localization functionalities, like events in the sales panel and split receipt.
  3. The installation and upgrade database processes work perfectly in all the databases supported: HSQLDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.
  4. Starts properly in Windows XP, Vista and major distributions of Linux.
  5. There are not major bugs.
The process is going to be very similar to what we do for the the last release of Openbravo POS and to what we do for Openbravo ERP. Specifically, here is what we are asking:
  1. We will give volunteers early access to the installer through a private FTP server. You will essentially receive the release at the same time as our QA team.
  2. We will give you access to our test plans so that you can see what to test (but you can test any flow you like as well).
  3. We will ask you to give us frequent updates on your progress.
  4. If you have problems or doubts during the process, we will respond to your messages using the discussion forums
  5. We will publish a daily status update on the forums.
Acceptance testing should start on the middle of this week, and ideally should last 3 or 4 days.

We look forward to your continued support to our project and your participation in this important test.