Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Openbravo has acquired Librepos

As you already know, Openbravo has acquired Librepos. I am very happy because now under the Openbravo umbrella, Librepos has more opportunities to grow and succeed. In order to be aligned with all the company products, Librepos will change its name to Openbravo POS, just an aesthetic change that will not change the soul of Librepos.

This acquisition will benefit the Librepos community of users and developers for several reasons. First, the continuation of Librepos is now guaranteed, Librepos will be an independent product of the Openbravo portfolio hosted in Sourceforge, and is and will be open source and licensed under the GPL. Forums will continue actively and there will be frequent releases of Librepos. Openbravo is a company truly committed to open source and believes in the strengths of the community to drive innovation.

Second, I will continue to be involved in the future of Librepos. I am the founder and main developer of Librepos since I published Librepos in January 2005. Now I joined Openbravo as Senior Architect and Librepos is part of my responsibilities. This is also great for me because previously to this acquisition I used to spend my spare time on Librepos, now I will have more time for Librepos, because now Librepos is part of my job.

And third, Openbravo ERP and Librepos are products that will benefit one from each other. Users of Openbravo ERP usually need a point of sale like Librepos and also users of Librepos usually need an ERP like Openbravo ERP. Both products are complementary and making both products run together and integrated in the same environment is a great value proposition for the retail market. It is already possible to integrate Librepos and Openbravo ERP, a solution that offers the possibility to share data between the two applications.

The future looks promising. Now we are working on the roadmap and business plan for Librepos. These plans are very ambitious and will be published as soon as possible. For sure, the most demanded features of the Librepos community will be included, and you can participate in these plans creating new feature requests and creating new bug reports.

Documentation for Librepos has been in the past the weakest side of Librepos. Now we will integrate the current documentation of Librepos in the Openbravo's wiki and will work to expand this documentation to achieve the best quality.

We are also planning a training event on December 17th - 18th for Librepos. This training event will be held in Madrid, Spain. This training event will be in Spanish but the material of the training will be in English. The details of this training will be available soon in the Openbravo web training page.

I look forward to meeting you in this first training of Librepos and discuss with you about the future and the possibilities of Openbravo ERP and Librepos.


info said...

Hola, tengo la version de tinapos 0.14, con un monton de productos y ventas hechas. Hay alguna forma de actualizar esta version a la de librepos 0.24, sin perder los productos, configuracion venats etc.?


Andrey Svininykh said...

Adrián, my greetings to the anniversary. The ten years ago you started develop the excellent POS and your project never dies. Thank you for Tina-Libre-Openbravo POS :)

I have a good news. I am forked Openbravo POS. In my fork available update from Openbravo POS 2.30.2 to NORD POS by one click. NORD POS include discounts, QR-codes, enchance stock managment and more other. Also NORD POS support mobile web-apps.

Also, I am develop the data object layer for POSes based on Openbravo POS 2.30.2 source code. My Java servlets connect to exists data base and operate on POS from tablets or smart-phones. Now available mobile web-apps for online retail(with AuthorizationNet payment gateway), product catalog and restaurant service. All web-apps supported Openbravo POS, uniCenta OPOS, Wanda POS and my fork NORD POS. I hop, you will be interesting about also.

The best regards,
Andrey Svininykh