Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Openbravo POS 2.20 Roadmap published

We have just published our development plans for Openbravo POS 2.20. It follows the spirit of the previous releases: frequent releases, improvements in functionality, localization and stability of the application to make Openbravo POS a top Point of Sale solution in the global market, growing in the number of supported countries and translations in every release. Openbravo POS 2.2 follows the principles of all the versions of Openbravo POS: simplicity, easy to use, visually attractive, robust and scalable.

We request the collaboration of the community to help us to define and identify the most important features that need to be included in the product and things that need to be fixed. Your collaboration is important because you are the best people that are able to identify what is missing in Openbravo POS for each country and for different market segments. You are invited to the Open Discussion forum of Openbravo POS to discuss what do you want to have in the next releases of Openbravo POS.

The objectives of this roadmap is to continue to add value to partners and users of Openbravo POS to help them to develop a business around Openbravo POS, attract interest of current partners and potential partners of Openbravo. In Openbravo 2.10 we did a lot of efforts in this area with the new reports model and the improvements in scripting support and we want to continue in this area.

We have already published a draft of the roadmap for the release 2.20 in the wiki of Openbravo POS with the features what we think are the most important for the next released of Openbravo based on the time schedule and the resources that we have. This roadmap is not closed and we were are willing to align it with the needs and priorities of the Openbravo community.

Openbravo POS is and open source product and developed in a collaborative maner. During the last three months, we have started successful collaborations with individuals and companies that are working on extending the Openbravo POS functionality. For Openbravo POS 2.2, we plan to add in the core product new functionaries developed by third parties. You can guarantee that a particular feature is developed sooner rather than later by leading the development. We are willing to coordinate with people that is planing to invest on Openbravo POS product development to make sure that the results are going to be shared by all the community.


Efrain said...

Hey adrian. thank you forthe information we are looking ofrward to participating in the upcomoping release, we are currently working hard on Localization for the POS in Venezuela, and we are definetelly interested in helping out in every way we can. we are also very much interested in integration with openbravo ERP, however we haven't worked much on it since we have focused on trying to make OB POS meet the legal policies of Venezuela

Adrián Romero said...

Hello Efrain.

Localization is one of the most important things we want to focus for Openbravo POS. Could you please use the Developers forums of Openbravo POS [1] to write the legal requirements needed by Openbravo POS in Venezuela and what is your approach.



wlan said...

I'm very interested in using Openbravo for a chain of stores I'm working with. However, my boss is concerned with on-going support, by the venue, of the POS system. We tried contacting Openbravo directly, but it didn't help our comfort level having only been able to talk to a junior sales person who knew little about POS. We also contacted a local Openbravo partner, who knew even less about POS and was not able to answer questions (with "help from Spain"). I even popped into the Openbravo IRC room, where also it seemed nobody knew about POS or cared to answer questions. So, we are back looking at other POS systems. Which is a shame since we might have been able to contribute certain open-source add-ons.

Adrian, do you have any suggestions? Do you have a preferred partner who supports the Openbravo POS system?

Mario said...


Im newbie on Openbravo POS and i have it all working fine except for the receipt/ticket printer. I have a Samsung SPR-270 and it prints, but with a extermely large font (the content of the ticket is not being printed ok) and with a left margin, so the ticket is unreadable. Furthermore, the open drawer command is not working directly unless I print a ticket. Is there any way to meke this printer to work fine? What is JAVAPOS? Couls I use it to get right tickets prints?

Thanks and regards.

Gildardo Rojas said...

I'm having some issues too with a Samsung BIOXOLON SRP-275 USB printer, both configuring it as a Generic/Text or using the printer drivers. The ticket feeds a large white pice of paper before printing, making roughly 1 letter papersheet long each ticket printed. Do you have any hints for this problem?