Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Netbeans Development Environment for Openbravo ERP

I am happy to introduce another Development Environment for Openbravo ERP based on the Netbeans IDE. There is a guide published in the Openbravo wiki document Installation and Setup of Netbeans IDE that explains step by step how to create an Openbravo ERP development using Netbeans and also how to perform common development tasks, like compiling, debugging, starting /stopping Tomcat, etc. This guide is still a work in progress. We hope developers will find this guide useful. Feel free to give feedback on the guide, especially if certain parts can be improved or if you miss certain information.

I would like to remind you that the main Development Environment for Openbravo ERP is based on Eclipse. You can read about it in the Installation and setup of Eclipse IDE guide. Development with Eclipse is fully supported and documented.

But IDE preferences change from one developer to another and frequently becomes almost a religious issue. We do not want to start another flame war Eclipse vs Netbeans, just give Openbravo ERP developers the opportunity to choose the IDE they feel more comfortable to develop Openbravo ERP.


brainites said...

I followed the guide but I got stuck on the way since the OpenbravoERP-2.50MP19.tar.bz2 and OpenbravoERP-2.50.tar.bz2 files I downloaded from sourceforge contained no build directories specifically src-wad/build/javasqlc/src, src-trl/build/javasqlc/src, build/javasqlc/src, build/javasqlc/srcAD. It freaked me out a lot to see a cool tutorial but with the directories missing in the archive files. I could have got the erp up and running since NetBeans is the IDE I use most.
I even blog about NetBeans. You can check out my blog at NetBeans Talk

Adrián Romero said...

Hello Brainites

As It is explained in the guide, you have to install of Openbravo ERP first:

ant install.source

These directories missing are generated in the installation process. and contains java generated files based in the Openbravo ERP functionality metadata.

Best regards

Alan Abraham said...

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