Thursday, 14 February 2008

Call for participation in Openbravo POS 2.00 acceptance testing

Openbravo is going to launch Openbravo POS 2.00 in few days. This is the first version of Openbravo POS under its new name and we are asking the community to help us validate its quality before release.

If you are willing and able this opportunity is for you! Notify us of your interest by sending an email to collaborate at openbravo dot com.

The process is going to be very similar to what we do for Openbravo ERP and the process we will follow is the same we used for Openbravo ERP R2.35. Specifically, here is what we are asking:
  1. We will give you early access to the installer through a private FTP server. You will essentially receive the release at the same time as our QA team.
  2. We will give you access to our QA portal, where you can see our test cases for the acceptance test. Please note this will be the first acceptance test for Openbravo POS.
  3. We will assign you a set of test cases and we expect that you will install the application on your machine, run the test cases and report the outcome in the QA portal
  4. We will not assign you any bug to verify as we will execute that task internally. Obviously you are free to verify specific bugs that you care about.
  5. If you have any questions or doubts during the process, please contact at pablo dot sarobe at openbravo dot com (QA Team).
Acceptance testing should start on February, 18th and ideally should last 3 or 4 days.

Please remember that this is going to be an Acceptance Testing, not a full blown QA cycle. The purpose of Acceptance Testing is to validate that an already QA'ed release is good to go and that the last build didn't introduce any major regression (essentially: test the product as it is going to be shipped before your users do to avoid to be embarrassed later).

Because of that, we will stop the release only if one of the test cases fails with a significant bug. Nonetheless, we do expect you to log all issues you find, including small bugs, as we will fix those in future releases.

Openbravo POS 2.00 is the starting point of a product that we are investing a lot of effort to offer this great portfolio of open source applications for SME. There are important features included and a large list of bugs fixed. We look forward to your participation!

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Rick's Blog said...

are there any plans to replace the data access tier with something cleaner and more standardized -- like hibernate?