Monday, 25 February 2008

Openbravo POS 2.00 released

Last week Openbravo released the first version of Openbravo POS under its new name. You can read all the details of the new version in the press release published.

We are very happy with this release and we achieved all the objectives expected. We included nice features like having the localization files in an external folder to allow to add new localizations as a plug-in without having to recompile, new Substance look and feel themes, etc. We also fixed most of the bugs reported in the Sourceforge project pages. You can read the full release notes in the Openbravo wiki. We are also very grateful for the response of the community to this new release. Today Openbravo POS is one of the top 25th projects in Sourceforge and we expect to stay there for a long time. This is something that gives us a lot of energy to continue working hard.

Now we are working in the roadmap for the next release. This roadmap will be published in the wiki pages as soon as it is finished. In the next release we plan to continue with the same objectives and focus in the localization issues of Openbravo POS, to complement Openbravo ERP and to include new features and stability to Openbravo POS. In one sentence, to give to our partners and our community a competitive product in the Point of Sale software arena and, in association with Openbravo ERP, the best open source software suite for SME.

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