Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Language packages for Openbravo POS 2.10 released

Today has been released ten new language packages for Openbravo POS 2.10. These new languages packages has been developed by committed community members and I want to say thank you to all of them:
  • Sebastian Muszytowski for the German translation.
  • Anton Delaruelle and Paul Heffels for the Dutch translation.
  • Andrej Svininykh for the Russian translation.
  • Sergio Carbonete for the Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  • Manuel Rubio for the Galician translation.
  • Antonio Cichello for the Italian translation.
  • Akarawuth Tamrareang for the Thai translation.
  • Henri Azar for the French (France) translation.
  • Mohammad Jaffar Fahmi for the Arabic translation.
  • Jaroslaw Wozniak (Openbravo) for the Polish translation.
The new language packages are available for download in the Openbravo POS project download page and the Localization wiki guide explains how to install them.


Sérgio said...


estoy desarrollando parches / módulos para la openbravoPOS. También hemos desarrollado una traducción pt_PT. Necessitava su ayuda.


Sérgio Neves - Portugal

Nyati said...
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Nyati said...

Sou da Opensecure, partner Portuguesa da Openbravo.
Caso necessites de algo, estou à tua disposição.