Thursday, 28 August 2008

Openbravo POS 2.20 released

A new version of Openbravo POS has just been released and it is available for download in the project's page. Openbravo POS is quickly improving and now that two new full time developers have joined the Openbravo POS team we expect to improve even faster.

The improvements included in Openbravo POS 2.20 are summarized here. To read in detail the changes read the Openbravo POS 2.20 Release Notes.
  • Improved tax system. The taxes functionality of Openbravo POS have been changed to make it equal to the taxes system of Openbravo ERP. New windows has been created and the taxes reports have been modified. With this new system long demanded features like the possibility to have two different taxes by receipt line and support of Canadian, German, and other countries taxes system can be implemented now with Openbravo POS.
  • Customer module improvements. More fields has been added to the customers table: contact fields and localization fields. All these fields are also available when printing receipts allowing Openbravo POS to print invoices.
  • Update all external libraries to latest version. Third party libraries like Jasper Reports, Barcode4J, HSQLDB, JavaPOS, Substance and SwingX, has been updated to the latest stable releases. This guaranties that the functionality of Openbravo POS that relies on third party libraries contains the latest improvements and bugs fixed up to the latest releases.
  • New installer packages. To make it easier to install and deploy Openbravo POS. There are new installer packages for major OS: Windows, Ubuntu and Suse.
  • A large list of enhancements like the ability of merging receipts in restaurant mode. Fine grained security editing receipts. Sequence number for closed cash reports. Animations for customer displays. New customers diary report. New button to hide / show the menu instead the split bar to improve usability. Improved events and scripting capabilities in the sales panel. And much more...
  • 19 bugs fixed.
If you have any question regarding Openbravo POS, please do not hesitate to use Openbravo POS forums were our community of users and developers will try to assist you.


Blog said...

hello sir, thank's for the new version.
I think, I found error in configure.bat file, it's can't start.
Have some advice? Could I change the file "configure.bat" to the old version? Thank's alot.


daffniz said...

Hi sir, I want to develop some plugins to OpenBravo POS 2.20, i was read the source code.
I want to create a new Menu with some options to launch, but, when I put a line In the Menu.root, this option don't appear.
There are a special form to add a new item(JFrame) in the Menu.root.
In all these text I want to say:
I want a new Item, when I click on it, it showme a new Windows(JFrame). How can I do this?, There a special way to do it?

Thanks and sorry for my English

sergio_rneves said...

Hi daffniz,
you must add the new menu also on the user options...for each user...maintenance + roles

Sérgio Neves - Portugal

sergio_rneves said...
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krazykn said...

Hi Adrian & everyone,
I'm having trouble launching release 2.20. Here's my problem:
-I install java se dev.kit 6 update 10 for vista 64bit.
-then I install POS 2.20.

When I launch POS 2.20 right after installing, it always work. But when I use try launching the POS 2.20 it show error: cold not find Java SE runtime Environment.

I have tried uninstall/installing both java and Openbravo POS many time but same problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks ahead.

my email