Thursday, 12 March 2009

My Openbravo Community Awards nomination

One of the important keys of the success of Openbravo ERP and POS are the members of the community. This year, during the Openbravo World Conference we want to honor the most important members of the community. I nominated the following persons and organizations.
  • Ronny G (ronny_g). Ronny is very active reporting issues and testing every new commit in the development branch of Openbravo POS. He is also an important participant in the forums and author of several documents in the wiki.
  • Jim (jbablittle). Jim is one of the most active persons in the Openbravo POS forums, friendly, and always giving detailed answers to people looking for help.
  • Mohammad Jaffar. For its translation of Openbravo POS to the Arabic language. The Arabic translation package of Openbravo POS is one of the most downloaded of the packages available for Openbravo POS.
  • Amorebieta-Etxanoko Udala. For the translation of Openbravo POS to the Euskara language.
  • Open Sistemas. For its contribution to the Openbravo POS source code adding functionalities oriented for the fast-food segment and for the largest implementation of Openbravo POS in Bocatta.
Please do not forget to nominate yourself or your favorites candidates to give the appropriate recognition to the most important people in the Openbravo community.

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