Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A new home for Openbravo POS community projects

Recently has been announced the public availability of the new Openbravo Forge. The Openbravo Forge is the new home for the projects Openbravo ERP and Openbravo POS and it is also the place we provide to all collaborators to register their projects related to Openbravo products, like for example localizations, translations and others.

In the Openbravo Forge you will be able to create a new project with all the services a modern forge provides: forums, code repository, bug tracker, file releases section, wiki, etc. And you will have more visibility to all the Openbravo community because your project will be hosted in the same place with Openbravo ERP and Openbravo POS and sharing the same services.

Focusing on Openbravo POS, if you want to contribute there are a lot of ideas for new projects that we will be glad to host in the Openbravo Forge:
  • New translation packages. Openbravo POS has been translated to several languages. Now we asked to all translators to move to the new Openbravo Forge and if you plan to start a new translation package I would suggest you to do the same. With the Openbravo Forge, translators have more autonomy and more flexibility to develop translations, to collaborate with more people in the code repository, discuss the development in the project forums, release translation packages when translations are finished, etc. We already moved the Spanish traslation package to the new forge and this project can be the model for other new translations packages hosted in the Openbravo Forge.
  • New localization editions. In some countries, due to special market requirements and local laws, some modifications have to be included in the core source code to adapt Openbravo POS to these local markets. Now with the Openbravo Forge all localizations will be in the same place and you do not have to look further. We also already asked to the owners of localizations of Openbravo POS we know to move to the Openbravo Forge and there is already one localization project created: The Openbravo POS Swedish Edition (Thanks Ben).
  • New functionalities. Depending on market requirements and customer necessities, developers need to include in Openbravo POS new features and functionalities that can be useful for other users of Openbravo POS. With the Openbravo Forge you can search all projects in the Openbravo POS category with the functionality you need. And if you want to collaborate there is already a document with Community project ideas around Openbravo POS with very interesting new functionalities and features.
You are invited to visit the Openbravo Forge and if you need assistance using it or you want to give us your feedback you can write a message in the Forge support forum.


Marcos Roberto said...

No se me da muy bien escribir en ingles, pero todos los dias visito tu blog

Emilien REEVES said...

I have a problem witch the new forge.
When I want to log in I have this message:
Your account is suspended in Forge !
You dont have permission to login. Contact forge administrator

But I don't know how to contact administrator. My account is jeff-net52

here my page:


Do you have a solution?

Thank you